Standardization Urban Image Poliforum

Architectural and Urban design. In collaboration with Arch. Juan Bonilla Olmos

Location: León, México.

Year: 2012

The standardization of urban image project, which included sidewalks, urban furniture and vegetal species for the Poliforum area, was based on a very precise diagnostic for each element conditions, as well as upon the agreements sorted out of several meetings, in which the design proposals were discussed within the 4 members of the complex: Poliforum Leon (City Congress & Exhibition Center), State Fair, Explora Park and the Cultural Forum of Guanajuato. The chosen materials for sidewalks were the same to the actual combination of basaltics and porphyry rocks. The placing criteria lie in basaltic pieces which were alternated with porphyry rock slides placed every certain period, just where the vegetal species border are. All the corners are switched into 20x20cm porphyry blocks and concrete slides that rotate according to the curves. The urban furniture resume several existing and predominating elements, adding further ones such as the commercial kiosk and newsstands, the advertising cylinder, and direction sign totems. The vegetal species proposal relied on Ing. Renata Pérez´s advice upon the vegetal selection, which was according to the regional climate. The creation of specific identity spaces was reinforced by the common use of certain species. This is a long run project and it will be built piecemeal by stages, according to the approved resources.