San Ignacio Library

Restoration and renewal of historical house. Design and construction.

Location: Centro Histórico, León

Year: 2010

The remodeling project took place in a residence built by the turn of the XIX century, located in the centre of the city of León. In the original way, the house had a complete squared patio, surrounded by roofed hallways. By the mid 50’s the house was split in half, down the patio mid-line. The northern half of the original estate was the revamped area. The central patio was covered by a structure which allows natural light to enter the enclosure; its concave shaped form generates a chamber or air space, hence increases the energy efficiency by deterring the transfer of hot air into the home. The former bedrooms around the patio were fit into wider halls for allowing books exhibition. The main façade was restored to the original form, keeping the natural slate stone on the cornice, both on windows and the main entrance door.