Rural Master Plan Sn Juan Otates

Urban planning and Urban design.

Location: León, México

Year: 2012

The community of San Juan de Otates is located at the west of the City of León, in a gully system on the Guanajuato mountain range hillside. Historically it starts as a homestead which began developing up to a population of 4,000 inhabitants, according to the census of 2010. The irregular pattern mode spreads from the lower spot, where the San Juan de Otates stream crosses, up to the slops, where the most deprived settlements are situated. The third part of the village lacks some basic services such as drain networks, and there is a general poorly condition in roads and lighting. On the other hand, there were found some environmental risks, for instance, the increasing erosion at the slops, landslide hazard, the pollution of the stream, the diminishing number of growing areas due to the ever-larger suburban sprawl. In contrast, the settlement has quite acceptable equipment, a nice downtown and very high potential ecotourism surroundings. The master plan was useful to evaluate several issues, and hence propose a short and long run ordination and development program, which includes the creation of a hierarchized project portfolio, which charge relays on every public level responsible and onto the civil society as well. These rural master plans integrate an essential tool for the improvement in living conditions, especially for those settlements located in the city outskirts, therefore restraining the continuous running and migration, owing the shortage of employment vacancies.