Retirement Resort

Architectural design

Location: León, México

Year: 2013

The project is situated within an irregular plot covering about 3,000 m2. It is nearly flat and has large gardens and abundant greenery, as well as a house of about 300m2. The main access goes across the orchard area, which keeps the original plant life and integrates a pedestrian promenade, which works like a walking pathway. The existent house is to be transformed into the Daycare center, through which is allowed to enter the terrace and solarium, as well as the new main office and leisure center. The new residences are located over the south area, where the gardens originally took place. There are two prototypes which are repeated five times in the first stage and double its capacity when building the upper story in the second stage. All ground floor residences have a private terrace and garden. Each space is meant to be free handicap access and several ramps link each of them.
This center represents a new quality space for seniors seeking for independence and companionship, whom will find support and care by certified staff as well.