Public Library ATG

Restoration of historical house. Design and construction

Location: Centro Histórico, León, México

Year: 1994

This cultural space is located in a historical house of the ends of XIX century which was renovated from the central courtyard because it was the only space that still stand in good conditions in the early 90´s. The house suffer a major cut on the west side because the widening of the street Juan Valle. Because of that the ancient bed rooms were transformed into the new library book collection. The lecture and work rooms were placed the first floor. The central patio was covered by a new steel and wood structure that reminds the ancient “sails” or “blankets” that used to cover the patios to create shadow. Below this structure the new main lecture hall is designed. Finally the roof level was also fit out as a main terrace from were you can enjoy the views of the Expiatorio Temple and the new plaza.