Plaza and bridge Cozumel

Architectural design and construction control.

Location: León, México

Year: 2003

The project for the pedestrian Cozumel bridge and square, is part of the urban image master plan of the Gómez River.Located on the stretch of Hidalgo´s Boulevard to Campestre´s Boulevard it connects the neighborhoods of east Florida with west Peñitas in a safe way, allowing the cross of pedestrians and cyclists. The bridge has a 2.00 meters wide road, and a span of 39.00 meters. Its structure is built based on steel tubes that work as bearing rails, where 3 pairs of cables are connected to support them and are connected as well to the main mast of 15.00 meters height.The main flow leads into a multi-porpose square flanked by brick walls which delimit and furnish the square.