Lux Institute

Architectural design and construction supervision. Competition 1st prize.

Location: León, México

Year: 2000

The new installations are built over a total area of 11 hectares with approximately 22,000 square meters of construction. The new campus hosts 2,500 students from kinder garden until high school. The basic design concept is based on the idea of mixing functionality with plasticity and use of color. The circular shapes of the kinder garden school, the cafeteria and service building and the chapel are contrasted with the rectilinear geometry of secondary and primary schools looking for an effect of counterpoint in the composition. The color is given by the same construction materials (concrete, ceramic and brick) assuring their permanence. The general arrangement of the buildings is graduated in scale and always looking for the north-south orientation for the best illumination of the class rooms. The kinder garden is done around a circular patio, the primary school has two levels around a rectangular playground and the secondary school is elevated over columns integrating the central patio with the sport area. The cafeteria is elevated over the service areas as a big terrace with great views over the sport areas. The entire complex has low cost maintenance materials and all the spaces have natural ventilation and crossed ventilation in all the class room areas.