Chabacano bridge

Architectural design and construction control

Location: León, México

Year: 2002

The project of the pedestrian bridge Chabacano forms part of the master plan for new urban image of the Gomez river and was the first element constructed for this plan. Their design responds to the municipal authority requirements to give wideness and security through a new structure of prefabricated concrete beams. As result of the minimum height of 5.00m in the two lower car roads produce a total height of 9.00m over the Gomez river. At this height a single handrail was insecure so the solution chose to design a circular enclosing which wideness the internal space of only 2.00m and protects better the user. As complement of the bridge a light curve polycarbonate cover is placed to complete the dynamic form and make this bridge the first cover pedestrian bridge of the city.