Urban image Miguel Aleman

Urban Design and landscape

Location: León, México

Year: 2010

The Miguel Aleman Avenue has been historically an important artery in the daily urban flow. Located at the west side of the city centre it is a street with high pedestrian and car flow and also a good connection avenue to link the south with the north of the city. It also concentrates great commercial activity and holds the central markets Aldama and Estrella. Even with the arrival of the SIT (Integral Bus Transport System) the pedestrian space still continues to be small and insufficient. This proposal is planed to be done in two stages where gradually the private vehicles are diverted to alternative streets leaving their space to the pedestrian and the SIT. Apart from regenerate the main facades of the buildings, bury underground the electrical installations and adding new urban furniture and pavements we promote the creation of a new “urban promenade” where the pedestrian and public transport are the new axis of this transformation in one of the most degraded and conflictive avenues of the city.