Residential & Comercial development Jerez

Urban design and Project Managment

Location: León, México.

Year: 2013

Located at southeast of the city, near to the new commercial and industrial development, this master plan establishes a criteria for mixed-uses in a property over 90 hectares as well as the progressive development stages. Placed among a nearly flat area and low and middle class housing, the basic scheme is structured by a central boulevard which is born in Blvd. Torres Landa at the north and generates a smooth curve towards the south, linking to the rest of the actual and future roads according to the local government planning. Along this main spine several housing clusters are intend to be built and also the small and large scale commercial areas. The areas for public facilities which are meant to be donated to the local government are independent blocks that supplement the complex. The project aimed to promote the outer housing areas in order to produce façade and create open city instead of keeping the walled city scheme.