Residential Brisas del Campo

Urban and landscape design

Location: León, México

Year: 1984

The residential development is about 12 hectares and is located at west of the city with its entrance from boulevard La Luz. The second section called Brisas II was designed on a nearly even and rectangle land plot which allow a greater freedom on the roads outline. The development is structured upon Blvd. de las Orquideas which works as a curved spine from which perpendicular streets are born, intending to break with the orthogonal frame. The blocks’ widths are about 60 m and are built up of 20 x 30 m individual plots. All streets are paved with a 7m travel lane and 1.5 sidewalks. This development continued to create second houses which over time began to be first houses within a rural context, nevertheless being close to the rest of city services.