Renovation Master Plan Leon Zoo

Planning and urban design.

Location: León, México

Year: 2009

Ibarrilla Zoo was created in 1979. Today It has 600,000 visitors per year and 1,100 animals of 180 different species. The Renovation Master Plan aims to order the current uses of the park. We separate the profuse vegetation spaces as areas of leisure and the animal shelters area as a new educational park organized by regions and ecosystems. A new zone of playgrounds and water-park, food court, multipurpose forum, educational farm and sanitary services are also proposed. The new access at the south side reorganizes and expands the current parking and also integrates the access to the Safari. In this point will be located the future Aquarium. This plan is foreseen to be developed in stages in the short and medium term. The construction of the new Aquarium will be the detonator for the rest of investments that will allow the future development of the “Ibarrilla´s great Zoo and amusement park”.