Public spaces network Leon

Urban planning and architectural design. Colaboration with Arq. Juan Bonilla, Dr. Jesús Sotelo, Ing. Renata Pérez y Lic. Víctor Medina.

Location: León, México.

Year: 2013

Supported by economic funds from the HABITAT program and under the City Planning Institute IMPLAN supervision, the Public Space Strategy for Leon was based on the analysis and actualization of the stock of properties of the local government. Surveys and workshops aimed to comprehend environmental conditions of the 8 main poverty areas in the city. As a result a matrix was generated; which evaluate each available land plot (regardless of their condition) from a social, urban, and environmental point of view; in order to compromise in a selection of 24 strategic projects spread within the 8 marginalized areas and the urban boundaries which presented a high social gap. The program for those 24 final strategic projects, where sorted into 11 main prototype typologies which intend to be modular, flexible, ecologic and low maintenance containers, adapted to the several contexts according to the required program. The implementation scheme was proposed to run through an initial committee which eventually become an independent trusteeship with public and private funds, therefore breaking the political cycle and provide continuity to the program. There´s a special emphasis upon the importance of the operation and maintenance of the spaces as well as the continuous preserving of the different communities as truly “development agencies” that help raise their standard of living. The long-run vision contemplates all the squares and green areas as individual pieces on a great system, which linked to the actual and future mobility network and the remaining public spaces in the city, may create a great network of quality public spaces for all.