Promenade Poliforum-City Centre

Architectural Design and landscape

Location: León, México

Year: 2010

The Poliforum – City Centre promenade is designed as a new urban element to increase the pedestrian flow and to promote the area for new real state investments to increase and diversify the economic activities.This new promenade starts at the new Cultural Forum and goes along the Niños Heroes Avenue, continues through a new pedestrian bridge over the Gomez river and connects to the existent promenade called “Calzada de los Héroes”. From here you can continue to the Arch of Leon (ancient gate to the city) and all the way to the central plaza of the city. The urbanization proposal is based on stone of different sizes and resistances whether to be for vehicles or for the sidewalks. To complete the urban image new urban furniture is proposed such as lights, benches, garbage bins, bollards, etc. New vegetation is also proposed to mix with the existing one giving more unity to the project.