New access State Fair

Architectural desing and construction control

Location: León, México

Year: 1991

This pedestrian accesses for the City Fair were located in front of Lopez Mateos Boulevard and were part of the renewal plan of the complex. The Fair Tower was also designed on this stage. The first access besides the Fair Dome is done with a monumental colored steel gate based in metal beams supported by concrete columns and a ceramic cylinder were the storage and mechanical rooms are located. The second access was designed as a “bridge-building” taking advantage of the difference levels between the street and the complex. The offices of the Fair Trust are located above with main entrance from the Boulevard and below them all the access control and service areas are placed. Both accesses were demolished in 2003 and 2007 relocating the offices in a new building and leaving space for the new street which connects with the exhibition rooms of the new business center: Poliforum León.