Master Plan Barrio Arriba

Urban design

Location: León, México

Year: 2010

The propossal included a multidiciplinary team which covered the economic, social, historic, mobility, sustainable and urban areas as well as the legal consultancy. The urban propossal stands for the creation of “clusters” of different activities from which Health was the most important. New areas for health buildings and support activities were proposed along the existing ones: The Faculty of Medicine and the General Hospital. The densification of the neighbourhood through new housing areas and the recovery and renovation of the existing heritage buildings were propossed as well. At the current church and cloister called “El Calvario” a new Cultural Center was propossed beside them as detonator of the area transforming it into a new comercial and cultural zone supported by the new pedestrian net of streets arround them. Finally all the urban strip towards the Blvd. López Mateos was propossed to regenerate gradually throughout “action units” seeking the private and public investments and strengthen their commercial and financial character to this main artery of the city.