Los Carcamos Park

Architectural design and construction supervision. In partnership with the Architect Carlos Flores Montúfar.

Location: León, México

Year: 1997

The park is located at north of the city and at south of the Metropolitan Park. It is about 11.3 hectares large. The original land plot was made up a 40% by a wetland, a natural habitat for migratory species and 40% by an old sanitary landfill. The project preserves and recues the wetland and generates a park over the landfill, placing a greenhouse on the southern fraction which was the higher load capacity area. The walkways design creates several journeys that link both east and west entries, whose access doors and restrooms were also designed. Mainly all the existent vegetation was preserved as well as a forestation plan was launched. The park depict the recovering of a great ecologic potential space which ensures its preservation and allows the community enjoy themselves.