Landscape El Molino

Landscape design.In colaboration with Arch. Mauricio Ramirez Orozco

Location: León, México

Year: 2009

The proposal for the landscape of this large residential development of almost 600 has. was done with the specific design of the most relevant areas inside the complex and prototype criteria which can be applied for the rest of the streets, cluster access and community spaces. These designs are based in the mixed use of evergreen and deciduous species, shrubs and color flowers which avoid the wider use of green grass saving water resources and maintenance. The proposals search for an integration with the territory taking advantage of their own topography as well as the creation of public quality space giving identity to each place. Just in the area with highest slope and with great views to the golf field, the reservoir and the city a “scenic park” is proposed. This park will have a main pedestrian path throughout several staggered terraces which create nice and calm spaces to enjoy the views.