Industrial Park PIEL

Master Plan. Urban Design. In collaboration with Ing. Jorge Miranda.

Location: León, México

Year: 1992

The industrial park is about 100 hectares and is located at south of the city between the Aguascalientes highway and the urban area, fairly close to the water treatment plant of the city. This project was, back on that time, the greatest effort ever done in order to replace the majority of tan industries in Leon, which were originally placed within the historical districts of the city, were they mean a huge risk due to the ongoing toxic and polluting disposals. The design proposal was based in a four-axis scheme parallel to the highway and 100m apart from each other; they respond to the site topography creating the internal roads always in an east-west direction. The main access was placed on the eastern boundaries linking it to the north to the city and to the south to the highway. Several transversal roads cut through the main axis generating lengthened blocks of about 500m which were divided into individual land plots of about 30 to 50m wide and 50 to 100m deep, providing the park with a huge variety of sale areas. The urbanization was built on the 90’s, however the actual factories transfer was held up because the lack of depuration capacity on the immediate water treatment plant, which was accomplished just by 2010.