Greenhouse Los Carcamos

Architectural design and construction supervision. In partnership with the Architect Carlos Flores Montúfar.

Location: León, México

Year: 1997

The greenhouse building is located on the southern fraction, which has the higher load capacity area of the original landfill, turned into a park. The design is born out of a triangular prism staggered down to the center where the greater high is found. The building has two entries on either opposite sides and the interior space is conformed according to the existent topography of the land. The inner ground floor is built half a storey down, and provides a greater high and spatiality inside. The service nuclei is gathered in short towers at the center of the greenhouse, where a metal mezzanine makes a high tour, gaining new perspectives of the greenery and improving the inner scale. The materials are all exposed, in order to reduce maintenance service.