Ecocommunity Mesa de la Virgen

Architectural and Landscape design. Project Managment.

Location: Sierra de Lobos, León.

Year: 2012

This project is placed on the top of a great tableland and several ravines, over 2.000m above sea level inside de Sierra de Lobos Mountain Range, a Natural Protected Area located at northeast of the city of Leon. The total development area is about 560 hectares, and intents to create a vanguard and innovating scheme for restoring and preserving the natural protected areas through a low density housing development which generates an ecology-conscious and promoting community. The general conceptual scheme, developed by Architect Ignacio Colín was tailored to the actual topography and specific client requirements, designing a number of courses through dirt stabilized roads that link different collection of ranchs and cabins. Two cabin proposals, designed by Architect Humberto Artigas were adapted in order to incorporate several ecotechnologies such as solar resource use, water treat plants, and so on. The ranch prototype was desigend with the same criteria. The water bodies already in the place, which were taken into consideration for entertainment, natural recreation and contemplation area. The project also contemplates a fauna hallway which allow a the natural species to interact within the complex. The reconversion of the actual Hacienda and Chapel into a “boutique hotel” would offer great quality services to the external public, all within an ecological approach.