Day-care Las Joyas

Architectural design and executive project

Location: Las Joyas, León

Year: 2011

The day-care is located at the northwest of León in Las Joyas, a very poor urban area. This complex is intended to be built gradualy supported by Plaza Mayor Foundation and Edujoyas A.C. The program includes also a Kindergarden and Primary Building, a couple of multi-purpose Auditoriums, sport facilities and parking area. The building totally accomplishes the strict day-care program, established by IMSS (Social Security Mexican Institute) for those that are managed by contracted third-parties, up to 252 infants and toddlers, and 50 further handicapped; hence a maximum total of 302 children. The project is structured in a comb scheme which ennobles the functionality and space modulation by construction phases, as well as natural zenithal light through inclined slabs facing north. The access plaza works as a lobby to the main entrance, which leads to the administration department, or allows the access to the nursery, dining room or the classrooms. The following section of the building, located at south, offers accessibility to the different workshops, classrooms and supporting areas for the low disabilities area. The day-care facilities show outdoor exposed-finishes and white painted plaster-covered walls indoors. Solar panels are proposed in order to optimize energy use.