Coyoacán House

Architectural design and construction

Location: León, México

Year: 2012

In a 110 m2 land plot was designed a commercial prototype house which in two main floors allocates a program that includes 3 bedrooms, dining and living room, kitchen and services area and two and a half toilets. The initial approach intended to gather the service areas such as kitchen, toilets and laundry, as well as the stairways in order to free the space of the dining and living room, fitting them to the garden, giving a wider visual line and sensation of space. The upper floor optimized the corridor area, illuminated through a dome light, enabling the bedrooms to have a greater area. The stepping and depth of the openings on the main façade, obeys, on one hand, to the west light blocking intention, and on the other, allows a volume gambling, hence, in case of repeating the model, may generate a pleasant and less humdrum visual.