City Project Schedule 2011-18 Silao

Urban Planning. In collaboration with Arq. Juan Bonilla Olmos

Location: Silao, Guanajuato

Year: 2011

Due to its own geographic location, the city of Silao had become the neuralgic spot of the State, where most of the infrastructure and logistics centers concur.

In a trial for breaking up with the current cycle of the lack of urban planning, Silao has created the IMPLUS (Silao Urban Planning Institute) and together with the IPLANEG (Guanajuato Urban Planning Institute) this studio was hired in order to generate the City Project Dossier with the citizen agreement for the remaining administration period and the two subsequent, from 2011 until 2018. 

Several workshops took place within all the existing representative groups: City Council, City Hall Cabinet, Political Parties, Chamber and Associations, Traders, Citizens’ Representatives and Education authorities. Out of these workshops several projects were chosen and prioritized; leaders, whom will be revising each of the projects’ processes over time, were assigned. Two specialists provided some advising; on one hand Lic. Javier Cordero from the Organizational Development Team, and in the other, Lic. Victor Medina for the Financial Studies.