America Institute

Master Plan. Competition 1st prize. Partnership with the Architects Carlos Flores Montúfar and Horacio Guerrero

Location: León, México

Year: 1999

The complex is located at east of the city in an adjacent land to the Iberoamericana University of Leon. The total area is about 15 hectares upon which this master plan was placed. The complex was thought as a great campus for pedagogic studies and model in a Latin-American level, based on the educational philosophy that has defined the America Institute over the last 50 years. The large program outlined in the competition was planned around an access plaza where the congregation buildings are located such as the couple of theaters, the chapel and the Educatorium or main library-mediatheque. From this plaza, two main north-south axes are born as well as the plot east face in order to place the buildings according to different educative stages: preliminary, elementary and secondary school, and college. The sport facilities such as the fields, gym and swimming pool as well as the sisters residence building are located along the second axis towards the northwest of the complex. So far the building progress includes the mayor building, primary school and sports areas. It is intended to be finished as the actual campus is sold.