2nd Stage Plazas FCG

Urban and Landscape design.

Location: León, México

Year: 2012

The Forum Cultural Guanajuato facilities are located in the area originally occupied by Instituto LUX, as part of the Poliforum Polygon which contain the main cultural and entertaining facilities of the city. The Master Plan, as well as several buildings integrating the complex, such as the Library, the Art and History Museum, The Arts School and the Bicentenario Theater, were designed by different architecture offices and have been being built for over fifteen years.The surrounding outer areas of these buildings were a matter of a precise design of the complex. The second stage added 11,400 m2 to the original 11,000 m2. Furthermore, this second stage preserves and integrates the existing vegetation. It keeps on with the fountains of the central axis, ending upon a greater and circular one at the Theater’s main façade, contributing to the creation of a microclimate which allows better environmental conditions.The illumination, which emphasizes the linear promenade, follows the same design as in the first stage, as well as the paving materials used in the outer areas, based on a squared pattern of basaltex and high resistant porphyry. Travertine marble was used in the fountains. Street furniture respects the first stage design, allowing the visitants to have several resting spots and enjoy the surroundings.